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Welcome to the ultimate calendar where you will find great photo's and daily events for every month of the year.  While the printed copy is created at the beginning of each year, my digital copy will be updated with the most current information each month.  You can print the current month from downloads or click on the links below to learn more about the featured events for the month.  If you have not received my calendar e-mail and want to be included,  please sign up! Or, simply check back here as often as you like.

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January 1 through August 31

Key West Fishing Tournament: All ages, weigh or release from 43 species of Blue Marlin to Bonefish during the 8 month tournament period.

August 6 through March 31

Spiny Lobster Daily Bag Limit: 6 lobster per person

Possession limit on the water: Equal to the daily bag limit

Minimum Size Limit: Carapace must be larger than 3", measured in the water. Possession and use of a measuring device required at all times. Find out how to measure a spiny lobster

Harvest of lobster is prohibited in John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park during the sport season and in Everglades National Park, Dry Tortugas National Park, no-take areas in the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary and in the Biscayne Bay/Card Sound Lobster Sanctuary during both the 2-day sport season and regular season.

October's exciting festivites


October 18 through 27

Taken directly from the Fantasy Fest Website:

"IN TUNE BUT OFF KEY: CELEBRATING 40 YEARS OF FANTASY!"   We’re orchestrating a monumental celebration in honor of the 40th anniversary of Fantasy Fest, and you don’t want to miss this performance. Whether you’re an alto, a baritone, a soprano, or even tone deaf, you can march to the beat of your own drum in your most creative costumes. Become your rock star idol, create a dance routine with your favorite jazzercise group, or transport yourself back to the best songs of your childhood. The ideas are endless, so find the right pitch, sing along with the melody, and do the twist down to Key West this October!

Fantasy Fest is an annual 10-day party in paradise for grown-ups.  Fun-loving revelers from around the globe bring their creativity and imaginations as they descend upon Key West each year in October for 10 days filled with costuming, parades, libations, and excitement! 

 October 30 - November 2 

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